We at Robam believe that technological innovation is a driving force in improving the quality of life. Our attentiveness to every detail and our constant technological innovations enable us to provide complete solutions that make cooking easier and more enjoyable!

1. Non-disassembly and wash-free technology

Robam, the creator as well as the leader of non-disassembly and wash-free technology

As non-disassembly and wash-free range hoods are now very common, many users may think they have been existed for a long time. But the fact is that the non-disassembly and wash-free technology was just developed by Robam in 1998. Robam CPY-88 range hood is the first non-disassembly and wash-free range hood in China, which effectively solves problems such as oil dripping, oil and smoke separation and only requires regular replacement of oil filter, making cooking easier and more enjoyable.

At Robam, our pursuit of innovation never stops. Over the years, we have successively developed 360°balanced spiral suction technology, A++ filtration technology, immediate oil removal technology, and more. We will continue to perfect our non-disassembly and wash-free technology through constant technological innovations, satisfy customers' ever changing requirements, establish new industry standards and promote the development of China's kitchen appliance industry.

A++oil filter, complete separation of oil and smoke

Designed with aerodynamic principles in mind, the unique hemispherical oil cup eliminates problems connected with flat-bottomed oil cup, such as oil fume escaping, low fume absorbing speed, so it can keep the kitchen air fresh and clean, creating a better cooking environment for you.

While ensuring smooth air intake, the oil guide wideband with wide upper part and narrow lower part greatly increases oil collection area, making oil drips slide into the oil cup without leakage.

The unique concave oil guide rail design results in faster guiding of oil and eliminates oil dripping or leakage.
The updated diamond-shaped oil net with optimized mesh design can thoroughly separate oil and smoke.
The integrated oil filter screen is more elegant and easier to clean compared to welded screen, making it possible to clean the range hood without disassembly and wash operations.

The straight suction style suction structure makes air flow rise spirally at 360-degree for wider suction area, greater suction force and reduced oil accumulation. The vertical shutter turbine ensures oil drips flow into the cup, which contributes to the long service life of the blower.

Immediate oil removal technology: The inner wall is de-oil processed and there is no oil accumulation in the inner cavity.

The inner wall and oil net are non-sticky treated and make use of the self-cleaning effect of lotus leaf, to ensure the surface is oil stain resistant.
Non-sticky environmentally friendly energy-saving technology patent No.: 200920125087.X

360°balanced spiral suction technology for improved smoke absorption efficiency

The innovative 360°balanced 3D air intake duct absorbs air spirally from all directions, which greatly improves smoke absorption efficiency.

2. Double core absorber technology

What's a double core absorber system?
To put it simply, a double core absorber system is a device that uses a turbulence board in the middle to separate twin turbo charger, so as to ensure separate and balanced air flow of both sides. Meanwhile, it adopts powerful core to make motor rotate more quickly, ensuring the high absorption efficiency of the absorber system.

Robam non-disassembly and wash-free range hood takes the lead in entering into 17±12m3/min extra large air flow era

Solve two major problems: a. large air flow and low noise, both meeting required standards b. quick removal of large amounts of oil and smoke caused during stir-frying, etc.
Establish four new industry standards: extra large air flow: 17±12m3/min, ultra low noise: 53.5dB, max. wind pressure: 320Pa, smoke absorption speed: 13.2m/s

Before leaving the factory, Robam range hood must undergo nine strict tests to ensure only superior products reach our customers.
High pressure air duct test: air flow, wind pressure
Noise test: noise generated during product operation
Life test: the maximum smooth working time should be over ten years
Temperature rise test: the temperature rise should be within a reasonable range
Strength test: surface hardness
Process test: details of the process
Stability test: stable operation
Oil circuit test: de-oil processing technology contributes to keeping the inner cavity clean
Comprehensive test: power, line, etc. of electrical devices

3. Centralized mainflame technology

Our company developed centralized mainflame technology, which can greatly improve the thermal efficiency and thus reduce the required cooking time. Robam 9G65 gas hob, the first centralized mainflame gas hob in the world, has been awarded China's energy conservation product certification and China's environmental protection product certification.

On April 24, 2007, Robam officially launched the patented centralized mainflame technology (patent No.: 200620101564.5) in the Great Hall of the People.

4. Independent double mode technology for accurate sterilization

"Independent double mode" sterilizer contains two independent upper and lower tiers for accurate sterilization.
The upper tier adopts "Ozone+UV" low temperature sterilization method, which is suitable for sterilization of low temperature resistant dinnerware as well as children's plush dolls, plastic toys, etc.
The lower tier adopts 125℃ high temperature sterilization method, which is ideal for sterilization of high temperature resistant dinnerware such as ceramic plates, stainless steel bowls, glass dishes, etc.
With Robam sterilizer, you can not only protect your precious dinnerware, but also enjoy bacteria-free healthy life all year around.

5. Overall closed sterilization technology, 360-degree omni-directional disinfection

The overall closed sterilization technology ensures every corner in the sterilizer is thoroughly and evenly UV irradiated, so as to achieve 360-degree omni-directional sterilization. In addition, a UV ray newly added in the inner wall of the door results in better sterilization results for dishes nearby. This helps eliminate the area where sterilization is unavailable due to U-shaped light tube can't emit light perpendicularly.

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