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Electric Pressure Cooker Technology
Frequency conversion control pressure plate
The two-pipe heating technology achieves the three separate heating power, 380W, 520W, 900W, realizing several stable firepower heating modes, small fire, mid fire, and large fire.

Multifunctional fire regulation
Through the three sections of frequency conversion power and four adjustable fire, accurate control of the different pressure required for the cooking process is realized. This makes the soup thicker and food more delicious. The high mini pressure coexistence technology realizes the 0-80Kpa big span accurate pressure cooking, beyond 116 degrees boiling point limit.

Top temperature sensor
The deviation of the top temperature sensor is only ±0.5 degree.

Induction Cooker Technology
Magnetic purification
Recover healthy cooking
P.L.N Magnetic purification system
Gather magnetism
Magnetic shield
Release magnetism

Excellent quality
Nanoscale micro panel
Seven pieces of brushless wind leaves
Pure copper coil

Intelligent control chip