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  • Home Since established in 1979, ROBAM ( stock code: 002508) has been one of the TOP enterprise and acknowledged by community as one of the high end leader brand with the longest development history, the biggest production scale, the complete product series and the widest sales coverage during 33 years' development.
  • About Us ROBAM has constantly set foot in the kitchen appliances industry and guided the industry development through continuous technical innovations, over 35 million families already benefited from ROBAM,and become the most competitive and professional kitchen appliances enterprise in the world.
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  • Range Hood
  • Island Range Hood Fashionable island model with fly style,black operation faceplate
    with mirror-glass,nice appearance;
    304 stainless steel material;
  • Crossover Range Hood 304 stainless steel appearance with mechanical switch and digital display
    0 gap cavity
    Metal foil duct
  • Flat Range Hood Simplity inverted "T" shape
    304 stainless steel ,Matte black plastic decoration;
    Green-yellow digital electronic switch;
  • Fly Series Range Hood The patent "dual core absorber"system
    360-degree stereo inflow structure
    "Nondisassembly and wash free A++" patent can seperate the oil and smoke completely
  • iCook Range Hood The four oil circuit design
    The yellow-green musicial digital touch switch with two ranges of speed
    One minute delay function with more convenient
  • Deep Chamber Range Hood The in-box simple square design
    EU RoHS certified Tiger metallic moulding powder surface coating appearance
    Music digital switch, 1-minute delay function
  • Gas Hob
  • Strengthened Firepower Gas Hob Unique post position full air in-flow design
    High-tempered explosion-proof toughened glass cooktop with thickness of 8mm
    Cast iron pot pad
  • Italy Style Gas Hob Auto ignition with safety device;
    Battery ignition system (1.5V) or electric ignition system(220V);
    Italy SABAF burners;
  • Gas and Electric Cooktop Gas-electricity integrated design, Accurate control for centralized main flame technology, magnetic separation + A grade safety shield
    High-tempered explosion-proof toughened glass cooktop with thickness of 8mm
    Cast iron pot stand
  • Centralized Mainflame Gas Hob High-quality stainless steel cooktop, three burners
    Cast iron pot stand
    8°ergonomic sited easy-touch controller
  • Oven
  • Electric Oven Stainless steel controller cover and heat-treated glass sight door
    3.5-metre baking tube,including 8 segment baking technology
    3D all-direction baking
  • Steam Oven Stainless steel chamber, black toughened glass door and stainless steel panel
    High temperature steam working mode
    Automatic clock
  • Microwave Oven Stainless steel frame, black toughened glass door and touch control with digital display
    Internal cavity structure:Glass turntable+Turntable stents+Shaft
    Function:microwave, barbecue, microwave+barbecue, thaw, Quick start
  • Sterilizer Independent two-model sterilizer, normal temperature and high temperature disinfection
    Toughened black glass and stainless steel appearance with digital display
    Touch operation panel
  • Electric Pressure Cooker Unique ARK technology can control nutrition perfectly
    A key type operation
    Unique "double-action 10 static" 12 kinds of security protection devices to ensure security
  • Induction Cooker Advanced durable heat-resistant antifouling black microcrystalline faceplate
    ABS engineering plastic external shell
    The overall touch type buttons
  • Electric Kettle High quality stainless steel crust
    European big hot plate and coffee pot style design
    Secure temperature controller
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