Kitchen Appliances Set

Kitchen Appliances Set
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CXW-200-8315 Range Hood

The field of vision always decides the result, and cooking is no exception. The large operating display interface made up of black U-shaped patches provides users with an optimum visual field for accomplishing any cooking task.

1. The range hood offers an extra large air flow rate (17m3/min) and wind pressure (320Pa) to ensure the quick and efficient removal of smoke and grease.
2. The new double core absorber air duct with 322mm deep decorative tube is perfectly integrated into the cabinet.
3. A++ patented filter design and the inner cavity material is de-oil processed, the non-disassembly and wash-free technology is realized.
4. The three-section LED widescreen offers ample oblique lighting, making cooking easier and more pleasurable.

Technical Specifications

Outline dimension (LXWXH) mm 895X480X528
Air flow (m3/min) 17±1/2
Max. wind pressure (Pa) 320
Grease removal rate 90.9%
Odor reduction rate 97.2%

Kitchen Appliances Set

JZ(Y/T/R)-9G25 Gas Hob

1. The simple T-shaped design together with black operating interface makes the gas hob a perfect blend of classic beauty and modern chic.
2. The high grade brushed stainless steel with oil film faceplate is durable and long lasting.
3. The use of patented centralized main flame technology results in improved thermal efficiency, making it a breeze to cook a delicious meal.
4. The square-shaped non-slip pan supports with matte finish are suitable for both flat-bottomed pans and conical-bottomed pans.

Technical Specifications
Heat load kW 4.0
Outline dimension (LXW) mm 740X440
Built-in dimension (LXW) mm 703X403

Kitchen Appliances Set

JZT100C-815 Sterilizer

Our consistent pursuit of perfection has resulted in the Robam superior sterilizer. Reliable door control security guards, advanced overall closed sterilization technology and intelligent eyes with light sensitive technology combine to ensure ultimate cleaning results.

1. The Robam sterilizer combines the high quality of stainless steel with the exquisite look of glass. This, coupled with a concealed long handle and green lighting screen display, gives the sterilizer a sense of elegance.
2. The use of the patented overall closed sterilization technology enables the sterilizer to achieve 360-degree sterilization.
3. The use of light plasma high-speed searching purification technology ensures odor-free, super-clean results.
4. The ingenious bowl stand featuring a special fish plate design helps keep your tableware orderly.
5. The sterilizer uses IES technology for real-time detection of internal UV, ensuring normal sterilization all day long.
6. If the door is not closed, the door control system will immediately show the fault code, making sterilization more reliable.

Technical Specifications

Fully-embedded built-in dimension(WXHXD) mm 605X605X500
Semi-embedded built-in dimension (WXHXD)mm 564X595X500
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