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Centralized Main Flame Technology
It breaks through tradition to change the main flame from the outer ring to the center, so the firepower is focused and the heat efficiency is improved significantly. The "Centralized Main Flame" is called "gas hob doesn't burn pan handle" and this technology is recognized as "the solution for perfect life".

Accurate Control for Centralized Main Flame Technology

ROBAM "Accurate Control for Centralized Main Flame" technology adopts five accurate technologies and four exquisite technologies based on "Centralized Main Flame" technology, so as to achieve accurate adjustment of the separated firepower rings and flexible matching of the firepower. It can satisfy your different requirements for cooking, such as stir-fry, braise, soup, etc. It enhances the heat efficiency to 58% (reaching the saving-energy and protection-environmental grade), which can fully satisfy your cooking requirements.

  • One Ring Flame
  • Two Rings Flame
  • Three Rings Flame

Strengthened Firepower Technology

  • Strengthened Firepower
  • Normal Hob

ROBAM "Strengthened Firepower Technology" is able to locate the golden burning positions accurately. With the innovative design of 20mm center ring and 4 rings, it conquered the low heat efficiency technical problem caused by the "burning hollow zone" existing in the central furnace head of the traditional gas hob. This technology increases the heat flow of the core burning area, centre-mid-ring, making the overall flame concentrated and the burning strong and balanced. The heat efficiency is above 52%, which maintains more nutrition for the food and makes the food delicious at once.