Hangzhou Robam Appliances Co., Ltd. is a leading Chinese kitchen appliance manufacturer and supplier. With over 30 years of design and production experience, we are able to offer a vast array of innovative products that add sophistication and distinction to your kitchen. Some of our more popular products are the range hood, gas hob, sterilizer, oven, electric pressure cooker, induction cooker and electric kettle, which are all available in a variety of styles and specifications. For example, our range hood comes in many different styles, like an island range hood, T shape range hood, iCook range hood, and more.

Constant drive to continually improve has resulted in our many technological breakthroughs, such as our non-disassembly and wash-free technology, double core absorber technology, centralized mainflame technology and other technological innovations that help keep your kitchen clean and make cooking easier and more pleasurable.

Since our inception, we at Robam have sought to provide high quality kitchen appliances to our customers all over the globe. We achieve this by working only with reliable suppliers, and thoroughly inspecting all raw materials before they are put into the production of our appliances. In addition, we utilize internationally advanced production equipment and every production line has inspection equipment incorporated in it. Before leaving our factory, each product undergoes multiple tests to ensure that only completely qualified range hoods, electric pressure cookers and ovens reach our customers.

In order to provide high products at economical prices, we at Robam continually strive to reduce our costs while maintaining quality. The implementation of the 6S management system and employee performance appraisal system enables us to greatly improve efficiency and effectively reduce waste. Our location in Hangzhou city puts us within easy reach of Shanghai Port and Ningbo Port, providing us with fast, convenient transportation and reducing shipping costs for us and our customers. All this makes it possible for us to satisfy customers with our quality built and competitively-priced range hood, gas hob, electric pressure cooker, oven and other appliances.

If you have any questions about our company or products, please contact us. The experienced staff at Robam is ready to assist you.

Enterprise History

1) 1979-1988

Hangzhou Yuhang Red Star Hardware Factory, the predecessor of Robam, was founded in 1979. In this decade, our company focused on kitchen appliances and strived to accomplish the goal of improving cooking conditions.

2) 1989-1999

Robam enjoyed rapid growth during this decade. We provided nearly 6,000 jobs for people nationwide and employed approximately 2,000 local people. The employment of highly skilled people, together with strengthened cohesion between them, paved the way for Robam to become a leader in the domestic appliance industry.
While focusing on product R&D and technological innovation, we at Robam adhere to the principles of putting quality and service first. In response to our dedication to quality and service, we won the National Silver Medal in 1991, and received comprehensive quality management system certification in 1997. Additionally, we were invited to participate in the drafting and revisions of the national standards for range hoods and cooking appliances.

3) 2000-2010

Since entering the 21st century, Robam products have become increasingly popular with customers worldwide. We strive to create more satisfied customers through constant technological innovations, such as our non-disassembly and wash-free A++, double core absorber and centralized mainflame technologies. While maintaining our leading position in the domestic appliance industry, we have set our sights on continuing to grow through international exchanges and cooperation, and expansion into foreign markets.

At Robam, our continuing efforts to promote our brand and standardize management aided us in increasing our market share by an annual rate of 40%-50% from 2001 to 2003. We also received ISO9000 and ISO14001 certification.

4) 2011-Future

On November 23, 2010, we were listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and became the first publicly traded company of high-end kitchen appliances in China. We will continue our focus on kitchen appliances and our diligent work to make the experience of cooking most enjoyable, thus further strengthening our position in the range hood industry.

Main Products
    2. Chimney Range Hood CXW-200-8210 The foresighted crossover style repels flatness and the deep shield reflects fortitude.
      The Chimney Range Hood has a laser light effect aluminum alloy button...
    2. Centralized Mainflame Gas Hob JZ(Y/T/R)-9G73 Robam centralized mainflame gas hob is designed in accordance with the principles of ergonomics. The switch interface with a forward tilt (8 degrees) contributes ...
    1. Sterilizer ZTD100B-802 The use of overall closed sterilization technology enables the Robam sterilizer to achieve omni- directional sterilization to better protect your health.
      Combining U-shaped design with European ...
    1. Electric Oven KWS290-008The electric oven uses 8-stage circulating baking technology and realizes three-dimensional circulating baking.
      The Electric Oven offers extra large capacity (84L) and the 5-rack design...