Food Processor

Food Processor
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1. Made from imported stainless steel and food grade plastic, the Robam food processor is fashionable and doesn't affect food quality.
2. The stylish 1.5L juice jug comes with a detachable foam separator for clear juice.
3. The 700W motor with two speeds enables you to select the ideal speed for making various kinds of juice.
4. The temperature control motor featuring a constant pressure extended carbon brush structure is quality built, long lasting and runs quietly.
5. The stainless steel micro-mesh filter of the food processor is easy to clean.
6. The double safety interlock switch ensures better operational safety.

Technical Specifications

Power supply 220V~50Hz
Rated power 700W
Speed 10000r/min
Rated working time ≤8min
Rated intermittent time ≥2min
Function Making vegetable and fruit juice

As a China-based food processor manufacturer and supplier, Robam also provides range hood, cooktop, electric pressure cooker, induction cooker, electric kettle, and more.

Feedback Form
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