1. Electric Oven KWS290-0602The Robam electric oven has a large capacity (84L), which enables you to cook an entire meal all at once
      The porcelain enamel inner tube is easy to clean.
      The Electric Oven offers multi-function control and easy operation.
    1. Electric Oven KWS290-5005D-4The Electric Oven offers multi-function control and easy operation.
      The Electric Oven offers a stainless steel controller cover and heat-treated glass with a vision door.
      The Electric Oven has a 9-level baking function, including timer, direct baking, cool system and side-lighting
    1. Electric Oven KWS290-008The electric oven uses 8-stage circulating baking technology and realizes three-dimensional circulating baking.
      The Electric Oven offers extra large capacity (84L) and the 5-rack design enables you to make a delicious meal for the ...
    1. Steam Oven ZQB235AT The use of a dynamic circular steam balance technique ensures fast and equal heating throughout the oven, preserving the natural flavor and valuable nutrients of the food.
      The Robam steam oven comes with anti-dry protection, so you can feel secure in using it.
      The Steam Oven offers eight operating modes to suit your various requirements.

Robam is a professional oven manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company produces a wide variety of products, including our gas hob, electric pressure cooker, range hood, induction cooker, electric kettle and others.

Other Products
    1. Chimney Range Hood CXW-200-9508SThe Chimney Range Hood has a special airproof cabin elevator box, fully enclosed roller design, so quiet operation is achieved.The Chimney Range Hood is made using ...
    1. iCook Range Hood CXW-200-5500The 0.03cm diamond mesh net can efficiently filter oil and smoke. The inner wall is specially treated to prevent the oil from sticking to it. This, coupled with four oil ...
    1. Strengthened Firepower Gas Hob JZD(Y/T/R)-9B13 Fast switch-on portfire design makes ignition trouble-free.
      Seamless cooktop, full air in-flow design, integrated design of concealed auto overflow orifice and ...
    1. Electric Kettle SX1512B The Robam electric kettle uses a top-quality stainless steel hot plate.  It heats up quickly, is wear resistant and has a very strong resistance to bacteria.
      The Electric Kettle has an integral stainless steel filter design for ...