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Steam Oven
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Steam Oven ZQB235AT

As food cooked by steam retains its natural color, nutrient and flavor better than any other forms of cooking, steam cooking is becoming more and more popular with professional cooks and housewives. Made using advanced technology, the Robam steam oven enables you to impress your friends and family with wonderful steamed food.

1. The use of a dynamic circular steam balance technique ensures fast and equal heating throughout the oven, preserving the natural flavor and valuable nutrients of the food.
2. The Robam steam oven comes with anti-dry protection, so you can feel secure in using it.
3. The Steam Oven offers eight operating modes to suit your various requirements.

Technical Specifications

Product Dimension (L*W*H) mm 595X427X388
Built-in Dimension (L*W*H) mm 565X550X380
Capacity (L) 23.5
Material Stainless Steel + Explosion-proof Glass
Control Switch Electronic
Net Weight (Kg) 21.5

As a professional steam oven manufacturer and supplier based in China, we at Robam also provide electric oven, island range hood, wall mounted range hood, food processor, electric kettle, and more.

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