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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

1. Independent two-model sterilizer, normal temperature and high temperature disinfection
2. Toughened black glass and stainless steel appearance with digital display
3. Touch operation panel
4. Hidden type knob and overt type knob
5. Well-designed "large loading" bowl shelf for diverse dishware

Technical Specifications
Power: 220V/50Hz
Rated Power: 340W
Rated Capacity: 105L
Load Bearing: Upper:10kg, Lower:15kg
Disinfection Method: UV radiation + high concentration ozone (≥40mg/M3) + XIR extreme infrared high temperature keeping 15 minutes
Drying Method: XIR Quartz Tube
Disinfection Level: Two Star
Product Size: 600mm×630mm×480mm
Installation Size: 564mm×620mm×500mm

ROBAM is an experienced sterilizer manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a variety of products, including oven, electric pressure cooker, strengthened firepower gas hob, electric kettle, and more.

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