Electric Oven

1. The electric oven offers 3-button operation mode and an English logo to clearly show you all the cooking options.
2. The Electric Oven has a unique M-shaped 3.5M long heating tube ensures quick and uniform baking.
3. The electric oven uses 8-stage circulating baking technology and realizes three-dimensional circulating baking.
4. The Electric Oven offers extra large capacity (84L) and the 5-rack design enables you to make a delicious meal for the entire family.
5. The latest electrostatic dry powder enamel inner tube of the electric oven is easy to clean and does not contaminate the food.
6. The front panel can be easily removed by manually adjusting the hinge, making it much easier to clean the electric oven.

Technical Specifications

Rated voltage 220V/50Hz
Power rating 2900W
Capacity 84L
Product dimension 470x380x460mm
Built-in dimension 565x588x585mm

We are an experienced electric oven manufacturer and supplier in China. In addition to oven, we also provide range hood, sterilizer, cooktop, induction cooker, and more.

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