Electric Oven

1. The Robam electric oven is known for its extra large capacity (84L).
2. The Electric Oven uses a porcelain enamel inner tube for easy cleanup.
3. The Electric Oven offers multi-function control and easy operation.
4. The Electric Oven has a stainless steel controller cover and heat-treated glass with a vision door.
5. The Electric Oven has a 9-level baking function, including timer, direct baking, cool system and side-lighting

Technical Specifications

Rated voltage 220V/50Hz
Power rating 2900W
Capacity 84L
Product dimension 470x380x460mm
Built-in dimension 565x588x585mm

Robam is a specialized electric oven manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide not only electric oven, but also electric pressure cooker, range hood, gas hob, sterilizer, and other kitchen appliances.

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