1. Sterilizer ZTD100B-802 The use of overall closed sterilization technology enables the Robam sterilizer to achieve omni-directional sterilization to better protect your health.
      Combining U-shaped design with European style handles, the sterilizer is classical and elegant.
      The use of far-infrared medium-temperature drying and automatic dehumidifying enables the sterilizer to completely remove the peculiar smell of the ozone and moisture.
    1. Sterilizer ZTD100B-801 The Sterilizer offers omni-directional XIR far-infrared medium-temperature drying and automatic dehumidifying combine to completely remove the peculiar smell of the ozone and moisture, preventing the growth of bacteria.
      The newly-designed extra large bowl stand of the sterilizer can bear a multitude of dishes.
    1. Sterilizer ZTD100A-602The 5-key digital display uses microcomputer control, which results in easy and convenient operation.
      The automatic safety lock prevents ultraviolet and ozone leakage.
      The Sterilizer has pulley designed double stainless shelves for dishware.

The Robam "independent double mode" sterilizer contains two tiers which can sterilize your dishes according to their specific characteristics. This will protect your family's health as well as your dishware.

Robam is a professional sterilizer manufacturer in China. We provide an extensive line of products, including electric oven, electric pressure cooker, induction cooker, range hood, electric kettle, and more.

Other Products
    1. Chimney Range Hood CXW-200-8100The inner cavity is simple, yet functional, with no smoke blocking corner.
      The optimized operation faceplate uses a laser process control switch, is exquisite and fashionable. 
    1. Strengthened Firepower Gas Hob JZD(Y/T/R)-9B13 Fast switch-on portfire design makes ignition trouble-free.
      Seamless cooktop, full air in-flow design, integrated design of concealed auto overflow orifice and ...
    1. Gas Hob with Imported Burners JZ(Y/T/R)-B461The combination of Italian SABAF burners and black tempered glass faceplate (8mm thick) makes Robam gas hob to enhance your kitchen decoration.
      Auto ignition with ...
    1. Electric Pressure Cooker CY50-217S The specially developed ARK nutrition technology and five-stage precise pressure control enable Robam electric pressure cooker to fully activate, release and seal the ...