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1. The Robam sterilizer combines a European luxury look with contemporary integrated closed design, adding a touch of distinction to your kitchen.
2. The ultraviolet radiation and high concentration ozone (≥40mg/m³) disinfection method ensures complete sterilization, effectively protecting you and your family.
3. The use of omni-directional far-infrared medium-temperature drying and automatic dehumidifying helps completely remove the peculiar smell of the ozone and moisture, preventing the growth of bacteria.
4. The newly-designed bowl stand with extra large capacity of the sterilizer can bear a multitude of dishes.
5. The 5-key digital display uses microcomputer control, which results in easy and convenient operation.
6. The automatic safety lock prevents ultraviolet and ozone leakage.
7. The Sterilizer has pulley designed double stainless shelves for dishware.

Technical Specifications

Product Dimension (W×H×D) (mm) 600×630×418
Built-in Dimension (W×H×D) (mm) 564×620×500
Capacity (L) 100
Loading-bearing Capacity (kg) Upper tier: 10, lower tier: 15
Sterilization Method Ultraviolet radiation + high concentration ozone (≥40mg/m3)
Drying Method XIR far-infrared drying+ automatic dehumidifying
Sterilization Class Two-Star
Net Weight (kg) 26

As a China-based manufacturer and supplier of sterilizer, Robam also provides range hood, cooktop, electric pressure cooker, food processor, electric kettle, and oven etc.

Feedback Form
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