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1. With a classic black and white two-tone design, the Robam sterilizer is sure to satisfy your distinctive taste.
2. The ultraviolet radiation and high concentration ozone disinfection method ensures complete sterilization, effectively protecting you and your family.
3. The Sterilizer offers omni-directional XIR far-infrared medium-temperature drying and automatic dehumidifying combine to completely remove the peculiar smell of the ozone and moisture, preventing the growth of bacteria.
4. The newly-designed extra large bowl stand of the sterilizer can bear a multitude of dishes.
5. The automatic safety lock provides protection against ultraviolet and high concentration ozone leakage.

Technical Specifications

Capacity 100L
Sterilization Method Ultraviolet radiation + high concentration ozone(40mg/M3)+XIR far-infrared high temperature
Drying Method XIR far-infrared drying+ automatic dehumidifying
Built-in Dimension 564X500X620mm

Robam is a professional sterilizer manufacturer and supplier based in China. We also offer electric kettle, range hood, gas hob, induction cooker, oven, electric pressure cooker, and more.

Feedback Form
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