Centralized Mainflame Gas Hob

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  • JZ(Y/T/R)-G973Air in-flow: full;
    Heat flow (kW):L:4.0 M:1.5 R:4.0;
    Product size: 780mm×440mm×170mm;
    Installation size (mm):703mm×403mm R15
  • JZ(Y/T/R)-B977Centralized main flame and balanced burning technology ensure high burning efficiency;
    High-tempered explosion-proof toughened glass cooktop with the thickness of 8mm, three burners;
    Ergonomic 8° leaning forward type operation interface;
    Copper burner;

ROBAM is an experienced centralized mainflame gas hob manufacturer and supplier in China. Our products include strengthened firepower gas hob, electric oven, deep chamber range hood, electric pressure cooker, and more.

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