Gas Hob with Imported Burners

1. The gas hob combines silver 304 stainless steel faceplate with Italian SABAF burners.
2. As the gas hob uses an auto ignition safety device, you can feel secure in using it.
3. Battery ignition system (1.5V) and electric ignition system (220V) are both available for you to choose from.
4. Aluminum valve

Specifications of Gas Hob with Imported Burners

Heat flow 3.0kW ×1, 2.0kW ×2, 1.0kW×1
Production size 590×510mm
Packaging size 650×600×130mm
GW / NW (kg) 9.5 / 8

As a professional gas hob manufacturer and supplier in China, Robam can provide not only cooktop, but also range hood, sterilizer, electric pressure cooker, steam oven, and other kitchen appliances.

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