Gas Hob with Imported Burners

1. The combination of Italian SABAF burners and black tempered glass faceplate (8mm thick) makes Robam gas hob to enhance your kitchen decoration.
2. Auto ignition with safety device enables you to easily enjoy the convenience and safety gas cooking.
3. Battery ignition system (1.5V) or electric ignition system (220V)
4. Aluminum valve

Specifications of Gas Hob with Imported Burners

Heat flow 3.5kW ×1, 2.0kW ×2, 1.0kW×1
Production size 600×510mm
Packaging size 650×600×130mm
GW / NW (kg) 10.7 / 8.7

As a China manufacturer and supplier of gas hob, Robam also provides centralized mainflame gas hob, chimney range hood, sterilizer, induction cooker, and electric oven, etc.

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