Strengthened Firepower Gas Hob

    1. Strengthened Firepower Gas Hob JZD(Y/T/R)-9G12 The gas hob uses high grade brushed stainless steel with oil film faceplate, which can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth.
      The adoption of innovative strengthened firepower technology ensures powerful and balanced burning, enabling you to cook a delicious meal quickly.
      The gas hob adopts cylindrical zero-second ignition design for fast and reliable ignition ...
    1. Strengthened Firepower Gas Hob JZD(Y/T/R)-7A01 Seamless porcelain enamel cooktop is fashionable, elegant and easy to clean.
      The concealed auto overflow orifice and air inlet are integrated so as to keep the gas hob tidy and clean
      Knob-controlled air flow, for high-efficient burning
      Battery portfire, switched-off protection
    1. Strengthened Firepower Gas Hob JZD(Y/T/R)-9B13 The strengthened firepower gas hob perfectly combines a bright top-grade explosion-proof glass faceplate with square pan supports, being stylish and elegant.
      Fast switch-on portfire design makes ignition trouble-free.
      Seamless cooktop, full air in-flow design, integrated design of concealed auto overflow orifice and air inlet combine to ensure sufficient oxygen supply, efficient burning and easy cleaning.

Robam strengthened firepower gas hob comes with 20mm energy concentrating ring, 36-hole burner, and four-ring grad, etc. As it delivers larger heat flow in the key burning area-middle ring for better centralization of overall flame, the gas hob offers high thermal efficiency than traditional gas hobs. In fact, its thermal efficiency can be up to 52%, allowing the gas hob to effectively retain food nutrients.

Robam is a China based strengthened firepower gas hob manufacturer and supplier, we offer gas and electric cooktop, centralized mainflame gas hob, aluminium filter range hood, food processor, steam oven, sterilizer, and more.

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