Strengthened Firepower Gas Hob

1. The use of innovative strengthened firepower technology ensures powerful and balanced burning, allowing you to cook a delicious meal in one go.
2. Seamless porcelain enamel cooktop is fashionable, elegant and easy to clean.
3. The concealed auto overflow orifice and air inlet are integrated so as to keep the gas hob tidy and clean
4. Knob-controlled air flow, for high-efficient burning
5. Battery portfire, switched-off protection

Specifications of Strengthened Firepower Gas Hob

Air in-flow full
Heat flow 4.0kW
Outline dimension 720×400×155mm
Built-in dimension 596×354×R25 mm

Robam is a professional strengthened firepower gas hob manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide range hood, sterilizer, oven, electric kettle, food processor, and more.

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