Gas and Electric Cooktop

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Gas and Electric Cooktop

1. Gas-electricity integrated design, A grade safety shield system integrating centralized main flame technology and magnetic purification technology;
2. High-tempered explosion-proof toughened glass cooktop with the thickness of 8mm;
3. Cast iron pot stand;
4. Left-electricity and right-gas, easier for your cooking;
5. Flame failure device;
6. Battery ignition;
7. 0 SEC ignition

Technical Specifications
Air in-flow: Full;
Heat flow (kW):4.0 for gas hob, 2.0 for induction cooker;
Product size:760mm×450mm×175mm;
Installation size:703mm×403mm R15

As a professional gas and electric cooktop manufacturer and supplier in China, ROBAM provides a wide array of products, including strengthened firepower gas hob, fly series range hood, electric kettle, electric oven, and more.

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