Gas and Electric Cooktop

    1. Gas and Electric Cooktop JZD(Y/T/R)-9B72 German high-power IGBT, South Korean intelligent control chip, Japanese bridge rectifier and other imported components come together to guarantee the performance of the gas and electric cooktop.
      16 different secure protections, for example, Double Child lock, accidental flameout protection, etc. as well as 24 limit tests.
    1. Gas and Electric Cooktop JZD(Y/R/T)-9B76Three-stage power control: high, medium and small
      Gas and electric cooktop brings together innovative precise control mainflame technology, magnetic purified technology and A-class security shield system, so it efficient, energy saving and safe to use.
      Gas: i-link control technology
      Electric: i-slide control technology
    1. Gas and Electric Cooktop JZ(Y/T/R)-9B11 & CC120-30SH Compact and lightweight, Robam gas and electric cooktop is easy to handle.
      The use of mainflame central-control system results in high efficiency and low energy consumption, allowing you to cook a delicate meal quickly.
      The cohesive-energy double winding breaking national second-grade energy efficiency.

Robam gas and electric cooktop seamlessly integrates two patented technologies-centralized mainflame technology and magnetic purified technology. In addition, the use of newly-designed A-class security shield system perfectly solves traditional hardware integration and safety problems.

As a Chinese gas and electric cooktop manufacturer and supplier, Robam also offers strengthened firepower gas hob, steam oven, aluminium filter range hood, sterilizer, and gas hob with imported burners, etc.

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