Gas and Electric Cooktop

1. Compact and lightweight, Robam gas and electric cooktop is easy to handle.
2. The use of mainflame central-control system results in high efficiency and low energy consumption, allowing you to cook a delicate meal quickly.
3. The cohesive-energy double winding breaking national second-grade energy efficiency.
4. 0.4mm thick high temperature and oil stain resistant crystallite cooktop, imported components like German high power IGBT. 
5. The zero-second ignition device design ensures fast and convenient ignition.
6. Dry burning protection 

Specifications of Gas and Electric Cooktop

Heat flow (kW) Left:4.0 right:2.0
Panel material Tempered glass
Air in-flow Full
Outline dimension (L×W×H) mm 440×320 (single)
Built-in dimension (L×W×Corner) mm 404×284 (single)

As a professional gas and electric cooktop manufacturer and supplier in China, Robam also provides centralized mainflame gas hob, chimney range hood, electric pressure cooker, induction cooker, and electric oven etc.

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