Gas and Electric Cooktop

1. Robam gas and electric cooktop perfectly integrates two patented technologies-centralized mainflame technology and magnetic purified technology.
2. The newly-designed A-class security shield system ensures perfect hardware integration and safe use of the gas and electric cooktop, enabling you to fully show off your cooking skills.
3. The originated gas-electricity "safe separation compartment" ensures safe separation of gas and electricity.
4. The rear independent three-channel design for separate oxygen supply, heat dissipation, realizes gas-electricity double circulating full air intake.
5. The use of cohesive-energy double winding results in highly efficient heating.
6. High-frequency brushless centrifugal fan 7-piece propeller streamline design, directional guide hind drive, extreme exhaust and convective heat output, 72-hour high-power continuous heating.
7. German high-power IGBT, South Korean intelligent control chip, Japanese bridge rectifier and other imported components come together to guarantee the performance of the gas and electric cooktop.
8. 16 different secure protections, for example, Double Child lock, accidental flameout protection, etc. as well as 24 limit tests.

Specifications of Gas and Electric Cooktop

Heat flow (kW) 4.0
Panel material Tempered glass
Air in-flow Full
Outline dimension (L×W×H) mm 760×450×175
Built-in dimension (L×W×Corner) mm 703×403×4-R15
Net weight (kg) 13.5

As a professional gas and electric cooktop manufacturer and supplier in China, we at Robam also provide centralized mainflame gas hob, steam oven, induction cooker, range hood, sterilizer, etc.

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