Strengthened Firepower Gas Hob

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Strengthened Firepower Gas Hob

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

1. The "Strengthened Firepower" technology overcomes the burning "dead zone" problem;
2. Balanced burning technology;
3. High-tempered explosion-proof toughened glass cooktop;
4. Fast switch-on portfire;
5. Knob-controlled air flow, for high-efficient burning;
6. Flame failure device;
7. Battery ignition.

Technical Specifications
Air in-flow: full;
Heat flow (kW):L:4.0 R:4.0;
Production size: 740mm×420mm×155mm;
Installation size (mm):596×354 R25

As a China-based strengthened firepower gas hob manufacturer and supplier, ROBAM offers a broad range of products that includes centralized mainflame gas hob, induction cooker, steam oven, Island range hood, and more.

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