Centralized Mainflame Gas Hob

1. The gas hob adopts high grade brushed stainless steel with oil film faceplate.
2. Three-burner lengthened cooktop (780MM) for maximum cooking space.
3. With mainflame central-control system and balance burning system (BTS), Robam gas hob is highly efficient and energy saving, making it a breeze for home cooks to whip up delicious meals.
4. The unique zero-second ignition device combines fast start-up with delayed ignition. It achieves a 100% ignition success rate.
5. The square-shaped non-slip pan supports with matte finish is suitable for both flat bottom pans and conical bottom pans.
6. Robam centralized mainflame gas hob is designed in accordance with the principles of ergonomics. The switch interface with a forward tilt (8 degrees) contributes to user comfort. This, coupled with the innovative Omega patented switch style makes the gas hob a worthwhile addition to your kitchen.

Specifications of Centralized Mainflame Gas Hob

Heat flow (kW) Left: 4.0 middle: 1.5 right: 4.0
Panel material Tempered glass
Air in-flow Full
Outline dimension (L×W×H) mm 780×440×160
Built-in dimension (L×W×Corner) mm 703×403×4-R15
Net weight (kg) 14

As a professional centralized mainflame gas hob manufacturer and supplier in China, Robam produces a vast range of products, including gas and electric cooktop, wall mounted range hood, sterilizer, electric oven, induction cooker, etc.

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