Centralized Mainflame Gas Hob

1. Robam gas hob uses tempered glass panel, which is both aesthetic and durable.
2. The balance burning system (BTS) and mainflame central-control system make it possible for you to cook a delicious meal quickly.
3. The unique zero-second ignition device combines fast start-up with delayed ignition. It achieves a 100% ignition success rate.
4. Matte finish porcelain enamel pan supports effectively prevent the pan from slipping.
5. The matte finish sand-blasted stainless steel drip tray is corrosion resistant and long lasting.

Specifications of Centralized Mainflame Gas Hob

Heat flow (kW) Left: 4.0 right: 4.0
Panel material Tempered glass
Air in-flow Full
Outline dimension (L×W×H) mm 800×450×175
Built-in dimension (L×W×Corner) mm 703×403×4-R15
Net weight (kg) 17

We are a China-based centralized mainflame gas hob manufacturer and supplier. Apart from cooktop, we also provide range hood, sterilizer, oven, food processor, and much more.

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