iCook Range Hood

1. The iCook range hood is a work of art, which innovatively integrates geometric art into the kitchen. The patented stylish appearance never fails to satisfy customers' requirements.
2. The range hood achieves a high air flow rate (16m3/min), so you can count on it to keep your kitchen clean.
3. The 0.03cm diamond mesh net can efficiently filter oil and smoke. The inner wall is specially treated to prevent the oil from sticking to it. This, coupled with four oil circuits, helps eliminate the need for disassembling and washing operations.
4. The negative pressure in middle position design ensures the hood is perpendicular to the center point of the cooktop to achieve maximum absorption efficiency.
5. The use of a steel smoke prevent check valve and fireproof aluminum foil air duct makes the iCook range hood safe to use.
6. The cold cathode fluorescent light is energy efficient and provides ample light.
7. The iCook Range Hood has a touch type yellow-green musical digital electronic switch, two-grade strong/weak wind force, and 1min delay function.

Technical Specifications

Air Flow Rate (m3/min) 16±1/2
Production Size (mm) 795×397×592
Maximum Wind Pressure (Pa) ≥320
Outlet Diameter (mm) Φ170
Lighting Power(w) ≤4
Motor Power (w) 200
Noise Level (db) 52

Robam is a professional iCook range hood manufacturer and supplier based in China. We offer various types of products such as aluminum filter range hood, island range hood, chimney range hood, induction cooker, and electric kettle.

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