Aluminium Filter Range Hood

1. The classic European flying style design and black operation faceplate with mirror-glass combine to make the Robam aluminum filter range hood aesthetically pleasing.
2. The Aluminium Filter Range Hood offers five layers of aluminum filter to make cleaning the range hood the easiest job in the house.
3. The silver pushbutton with VFD display interface results in easy operation.
4. The Aluminium Filter Range Hood has an adjustable button with three speed ranges.
5. The Aluminium Filter Range Hood offers an optional charcoal filter.
6. The Aluminium Filter Range Hood is made with 304 stainless steel material.

Technical Specifications

Air Flow Rate (m3/min) 14
Production Size (mm) 900×500×520
Maximum Wind Pressure (Pa) 320
Outlet Diameter (mm) Φ150
Motor Power (w) 200
Noise Level (db) 56

Robam is an experienced aluminum filter range hood manufacturer and supplier in China. Apart from range hood, we also provide cooktop, sterilizer, food processor, oven, and more.

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