Chimney Range Hood

1. The Robam chimney range hood has a unique double-arc design, looking like a smiling face. It combines the great look of transparent glass with the high rigidity of stainless steel.
2. The inner cavity is simple, yet functional, with no smoke blocking corner.
3. The optimized operation faceplate uses a laser process control switch, is exquisite and fashionable.
4. The chimney range hood is designed with LED lighting to illuminate the cooking surface.
5. The patented non-disassembly and wash-free A++ filter can efficiently filter oil and smoke
6. The patented double core absorber system achieves large air flow rate (17m3/min) and low noise (53.5db). It can quickly remove unwanted oil and smoke, keeping the kitchen clean.

Technical Specifications

Air Flow Rate (m3/min) 17±1/2
Production Size (mm) 895X520X545
Maximum Wind Pressure (Pa) ≥320
Outlet Diameter (mm) Φ170
Lighting Power(w) ≤4
Motor Power (w) 200
Noise Level (db) 53.5

As a professional chimney range hood manufacturer and supplier based in China, we at Robam have been committed to producing high quality wall mounted range hood, island range hood, electric pressure cooker, electric kettle, and oven etc.

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