Chimney Range Hood

1. The classic flying style design, metal texture and glass transparency enable the Robam chimney range hood to add a touch of distinction to your kitchen.
2. The imported Korean material is easy to clean and can maintain its new appearance for a long period of time.
3. The Chimney Range Hood has a black glass faceplate with four red front-positioned touch buttons to make operation easier.
4. The 55 degree radian design not only makes the range hood aesthetically pleasing but facilitates fume collecting and removing operations.
5. The A++ filter is highly reliable and can separate the oil and smoke thoroughly, keeping the kitchen clean.

Technical Specifications

Voltage 220V/50Hz
Motor Power 220W
Maximum Wind Pressure 320Pa
Outlet Diameter 150mm
Air flow Rate 1020m3/hr
Production Size 895X500X535mm
Noise Level 52dB
GW / NW(kg) 26 / 25

Robam is a China-based chimney range hood manufacturer and supplier. We provide a wide range of kitchen appliances, including island range hood, iCook range hood, electric kettle, gas hob, induction cooker, and others.

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