Chimney Range Hood

1. The foresighted crossover style repels flatness and the deep shield reflects fortitude.
2. The Chimney Range Hood has a laser light effect aluminum alloy button, yellow-green musical digital electronic switch, two-grade strong and weak wind force, 1-9min delay function.
3. The 28300 cu. mm. inner chamber of the chimney range hood is made using one-batch forming technology. It is seamless, resulting in easy cleaning.
4. The chimney range hood uses a patented non-disassembly and wash-free A++ filter, which can efficiently filter small grease particles from the air.
5. 360-degree three-dimensional spiral suction technology and large wind pressure (320Pa) help effectively remove the oil fume escaping problem (connected with traditional tower type exhauster) caused because of overlong distance between air inlet and the cooker or overlong fume rising distance.
6. The patented double core absorber system achieves large air flow rate (17m3/min) and low noise (53.5db). It can quickly remove unwanted oil fumes, keeping the kitchen clean.

Technical Specifications

Air Flow Rate (m3/min) 17±1/2
Production Size (mm) 895X520X600
Maximum Wind Pressure (Pa) 320
Outlet Diameter (mm) Φ170
Lighting Power(w) ≤2W
Motor Power (w) 200
Noise Level (db) 53

As a China-based manufacturer and supplier of chimney range hood, Robam also provides centralized main flame gas hob, aluminum filter range hood, food processor, induction cooker, and electric oven etc.

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