Chimney Range Hood

1. The chimney range hood is the result of three years of hard work by over 50 experienced engineers.
2. Two-year market research: We at Robam consult with customers to develop a range hood that most suits their needs. We take into account the requirements of more than 3,000 high-end customers in 12 Chinese cities.

Steel-plastic Process
1. The whole hood is pure steel and the surface is made by manual forging, one-batch forming design, high pressure and corrosion resistant.
2. The imported nano brushed stainless steel is a perfect combination of high technology and pure steel.

Structural Mechanics
1. The Chimney Range Hood offers a breakthrough "magnetic induction lift" system and adjustable range hood working height. The highest working distance can be up to 180mm.
2. The Chimney Range Hood has a special airproof cabin elevator box, fully enclosed roller design, so quiet operation is achieved.
3. The Chimney Range Hood is made using Taiwan NSK high precision metal material. The main control components are manually put together.
4. The Chimney Range Hood offers a double safety protection device: highly sensitive hall sensor magnetic system and process control switch, ensuring permanent magnetism.

Multimedia Technology
1. The Chimney Range Hood has a NEC15-inch LCD screen from Japan that provides outstanding color performance, allowing a vivid display of all objects.
2. The LCD panel is well protected as it is covered with an acrylic board outside.
3. The use of U.S. audio-video processor ensures image quality.
4. The built-in subwoofer audio system delivers superior sound quality.
5. The Chimney Range Hood supports a variety of audio and video formats.

Oil and Smoke Separation
There are four layers of filter to thoroughly eliminate oil and smoke leakage.
1. The first layer-oil collection layer: stainless steel material, 34 bi-directional oil guide rails to ensure smooth guiding of oil.
2. The second layer-filter layer: stainless steel material, 2.25 mm2 diamond-shaped mesh design to ensure high filtration rate (over 80%).
3. The third layer-activated charcoal filter layer: to completely separate the smoke and oil
4. The fourth layer-oil guide layer: to efficiently and quickly lead out oil drips gathered in the activated charcoal filter layer.

Appearance Design
1. The Chimney Range Hood offers an Italian style range hood design which is simple yet fashionable
2. The unique six-key type flowery light-through buttons deconstruct the working state clearly.
3. All of the components are manually assembled and are subject to 13 stringent testing procedures.

Environmental Protection
1. Protection type oil cup design: plastic oil cup is protected from damage due to high stir-frying temperatures.
2. The Chimney Range Hood has six groups of linked controlling luminescence cold-cathode lights, helping to keep your kitchen brighter.
3. The Chimney Range Hood offers a descend type smoke prevent check valve design, effectively preventing fume backflow and ensuring the internal sealing of air duct.

1. Adjustable ascending and descending distance of the inside machine, coupled with 18-degree bevel angle design, makes achieving the best oil and smoke filtration distance an attainable task. All you have to do is fully enjoy your cooking time.
2. The Chimney Range Hood offers advanced video/audio remote control technology to maximize your convenience.

Technical Specifications

Air Flow Rate (m3/min) 15.5±1 2
Production Size (mm) 710X400X720
Maximum Wind Pressure (Pa) 320
Outlet Diameter (mm) Φ170
Lighting Power(w) ≤2*2
Motor Power (w) 200
Noise Level (db) 52

Robam is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of chimney range hood based in China. Apart from range hood, we provide gas hob, sterilizer, oven, electric pressure cooker, and more.

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